How Does a Meeting Planner Succeed in Florida?

The expectations are high for meeting planners who put on events in Florida. Attendees expect nonstop sunshine, dazzling programing, and an escape from the problems of everyday life.

You know that it can rain buckets in Florida, the wrong presenter can spoil the mood of a convention and the same challenges that happen in other states can easily occur in the Sunshine State.

Many of these variables are out of your control but as a top notch meeting planner, you’ve learned to prepare as much as possible when it comes to booking professional speakers.

You want to provide a memorable convention experience that will produce repeat and spin off business. Here are some quick tips for making yourself irreplaceable when it comes to dealing with some of the challenges that can come from professional speakers in Florida:

You Think Ahead

You booked the greatest speaker in the world but on the way to Florida, the speaker’s flight was cancelled by bad weather. There’s no way the presenter can make it to Florida in time for your event.

Option A is to let the audience enjoy 90 minutes of silence.

Option B sees you reach out to one of the presenters on Because you know that bad weather can happen at any time, in and outside of Florida, you checked the site ahead of time. You didn’t have to search in a frenzy for a substitute expert presenter because you did your homework. The solution to your challenge could be a few miles away.

You Adjust as Needed

Maybe your desired speaker did make it to the hotel but woke up with a 101 degree fever. Unless you want them to present by Skype from the bathroom, you need someone who can fill the time with meaningful content.

This is another example where will make you an invaluable resource to your client. You may not be a doctor but you can bring a stalled conference back to life.

Your Speaker Bombed and They are Scheduled for Tomorrow


The speaker, who you thought would be amazing, offended or put the audience to sleep. That speaker is scheduled to present the following day but you realize it’s not worth bring that person back to the platform.


You need a solution that will erase the bad memory from your client and make you the hero of a bad situation. When you turn to, you can choose among a proven group of experts. They’ve presented to every kind of audience in every kind of situation.


Bottom Line: A problem with a professional speaker will be seen as a reflection on your skill as a meeting planner. Why leave your reputation to chance?


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