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High Stakes Sales

Mace Horoff

Mace Horoff

Mace Horoff
High Stakes Sales Expert
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  • Author of “Mastering Medical Sales: The Essential Attitudes, Habits and Skills of High-earning Medical Sales Professionals”
  • Award-winning finalist in the “Best Books of 2010 Awards” by USA Book News.

Need a last-minute sales speaker who will make you glad your original speaker couldn’t show up?
Whether your sales team sells to buyers who make life-and-death buying decisions or buyers
who just think they do, all sales today are high-stakes sales, at least in the buyer’s mind.
Sales professionals must approach every sale from this critical perspective.
Mace Horoff gets sales professionals to re-think their sales approach as if they are selling a life-saving device to a surgeon. When you understand how life-and-death decision-makers buy, you can sell almost anything to anyone.
In his 60-90 minute fast-paced and mentally interactive keynote presentations, your sales team knows
from the start that they are in for a different experience that will be fun, introspective, and a wake-up call
about their sales efforts. Salespeople quickly become clear as to what works and why; what doesn’t work
and why and they will draw these conclusions on their own based on real-world buying decisions
they have all made.
The outcome of this experience is a sales force that knows how to sell effectively to anyone.

Warning: Mace Horoff is not your usual corporate speaker. His presentations are edgy, non-linear, and at times, in-your-face. Yes, his presentation will be memorable, but more importantly, it will change the way your sales team thinks about effective selling forever so they can succeed in the new age of high-stakes selling.


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