Make the Key Lime Pie Jealous

For some meeting planners, selecting the right dessert for a conference can take a lot of time. For audiences at meetings in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, key lime pie is a popular choice.

But as experienced meeting planners know, there are those in the audience who favor a big slab of chocolate or the ever popular fruit cup. Negotiating among these factions can  take hours. There may not seem to be a perfect choice.

Here’s some good news: Hiring a speaker for your next meeting doesn’t need to be as complicated as selecting a dessert that will please everyone. This is especially true for meeting planners in Florida.

Just visit to view a menu of presenters for your next meeting. These are well seasoned professionals who will bring a variety of flavors to your audience. Their content is fresh and ready to serve, especially if you have a last minute need for a replacement presenter.

When the unexpected occurs and your presenter can’t join your conference due to illness, airlines, or bad luck, don’t feel like you have to whip up a dynamic speaker from scratch.

You have to do more than just fill the vacant time slot.  Why not enjoy the buffet of engaging ideas and takeaways these presenters can bring to your audience, leaving them with full minds that will make them want to metaphorically lick their plates.

Worry about the dessert. Don’t worry about the speaker because you know you’ll get a great serving when you select one of the proven presenters at


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