Bad luck, bad weather, a bad cold? How Meeting Planners can be ready when their Speaker isn’t.

Everything was set.  Our flagship annual conference held every year in February was two days away. Over a thousand top executives of our customer organizations worldwide were attending the 3 day event in downtown Miami. Attending a conference in sunny Miami in February was a huge draw and we always had a great turnout.  But the other draw was the great Keynote speakers our corporate events folks would hire for the conference.  The corporate events team spent months working on the event.   They meticulously planned everything right down to the last detail.

Or so they thought.

They never dreamed that a freak blizzard would make it impossible for two of their top Keynote speakers to make it to sunny Miami in time for the conference.  Mother Nature had just put a huge wrench into their beautifully planned, high profile event.   How would the corporate executives sitting in the audience react?  What about the press coverage the events folks had worked so hard to get?  The unexpected blizzard was turning the event into a marketing nightmare and panic ruled the day.

That happened years ago but the recent crazy weather conditions we’re seeing in other parts of the U.S. have been a reminder of that day so long ago. But bad weather isn’t the only reason that speakers can’t make an event. How many corporate event planners are dealing and reeling from an unexpected situation today?   Whether you are a local corporate event planner or you select a Florida venue for your corporate event, it pays to have an ace in your back pocket to deal with the unexpected.

The next time the out-of-town speaker you hired can’t make it to Florida because of bad luck, bad weather or a bad cold, there’s no need to stress. A group of Florida-based seasoned professional speakers are a click away.  When you visit the Last Minute SpeakerFlorida website you will see speakers with expertise in a variety of hot topic areas.  From sales to branding to leadership, the team of speakers at Last Minute SpeakerFlorida has you covered.

Be ready when your Speaker isn’t.  Breathe, relax, and visit Last Minute SpeakerFlorida.

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