Our keynoter is having emergency root canal! What are you going to do?

Thus began a conversation no meeting planner wants to hear. The young staff member standing in front of me was in a panic…and so was I for a few seconds. She had just given me the news that our keynote for the next morning wouldn’t be there. This wasn’t just anyone…almost half the people at that conference came to hear him specifically. He was the guru of their discipline. He was…well, you get the picture.

I was in charge of making sure the conference was a success by booking amazing speakers and experts for the breakout sessions. This year we were trying something new. Our headliner was going to deliver his usual blockbuster keynote and then go into a workshop for the entire 400 attendees, with lots of personal Q & A, hands-on activities, and one-on-one coaching. His program was to fill the entire morning!

What to do? The first chore was remembering to breathe and suggesting the staff member do the same and then I went off to ponder. In fact, there were several experts at the conference I could call on. I looked them up, found those who happened to have an appropriate presentation with them and could keep the audience enthralled for an entire morning with an interactive session. Then I went off to speak to the president of the organization to get his blessing.

We pulled it off with high praise from the audience. Luckily I had backups right there.

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You’ll look so smart when you solve the problem of the missing speaker before most people even know your original speaker is stranded in Timbuktu.

We know you rely on speakers to make attendees think differently or learn new ways to approach challenging situations. Don’t let a root canal, airline strike, freak storm, or international crisis derail your next meeting in Florida. (They’ve all happened to me!) Be confident Last Minute Speakerflorida can easily take you from zero to hero.

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