Meeting Planners Can Control the Uncontrollable

Florida convention attendees don’t come to cities like Orlando, Miami, or Fort Lauderdale to be disappointed. They expect you as a meeting planner to provide great weather, tasty food, and a memorable meeting. And you’re probably being asked to do it all for less than last year.

Before the convention, you’ll wake up in a cold sweat, worried about the weather or whether attendees should be served chocolate cake or key lime pie. It’s your job to sweat the details to produce a great meeting.

Sometimes your meeting planner nightmares come true when your carefully selected keynote speaker can’t make it to Florida because of the flu, a snowstorm, or a personal emergency.

This puts you into a panic because finding a last minute speaker is not a problem the hotel staff can fix. Finding a last minute speaker isn’t like adding more chairs to a ballroom.

At this point I’d like to remind you that you probably love your job. Yes, there are many stressful moments but you love seeing meeting attendees getting a nice winter tan while playing golf under the Florida sun. You love being able to conquer problems and think of solutions that never occurred to anyone else. Most of all you love the boss nodding approvingly from across the room, saluting you for a job well done. You take great pride in pulling it all together.

While there are many variables you can’t control, finding a last minute speaker in Florida doesn’t have to be one of them. offers you a wide selection of experienced presenters who can fill the shoes of your absentee speaker.

As they’re already in Florida, your dynamic replacement speaker is just a car trip away from your meeting. You will look so smart when you solve the problem of the missing speaker before most people even know your originally scheduled speaker is stuck in an airport.

Successful meetings rely on speakers to make attendees think differently or learn new ways to approach challenging situations. This fountain of expertise opens the floodgates to increased productivity.

Don’t let a variable like a virus, a snowstorm, or a missed connection derail your next meeting in Florida. Have confidence that with, you can easily take control of an uncontrollable situation.

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